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Face palms*
Aug 3rd, 2010quote
Face palms*
Aug 3rd, 2010quote
Aug 3rd, 2010quote
O I see wat u did thar
Aug 3rd, 2010quote
No your doing it right
Aug 4th, 2010quote
facepalm, you're doing it better.
Aug 5th, 2010quote
god d@mmit, anime and lols shouldn't mix
and already by just reading the text she sounds...fat. and it IS a she.
Aug 18th, 2010quote
I loled
Aug 30th, 2010quote
double facepalms*
Oct 16th, 2010quote
He sure likes rubbing his face against wood. =D -C wut I did thar?-
Mar 27th, 2011quote
Aug 5th, 2013quote

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